In 14 hours it begins.

It’s something we have to die to really know, the Trinity, but they expect us all to know it. Thus, in a crazed, typically sophomoresque state WCC is full of students trying to understand the Trinity last minute. We were created to know this fact, but as is once again being revealed it’s not that easy.

For typical sophomore conversations IIT has sat in on this evening are filled with such incredibly novel and interesting heretical ideas like a “binity” a “quadrinity”, and the ever-popular catchphrase “we are the Holy Spirit” being bandied about all across campus.

Here are three study guides to help if you’re stressing.



IIT Staff, given the situation, have been extremely busy, but that hasn’t stopped our new writer, the Roman Rambler, from coming out with a detailed and intense account of yesterday’s “Oresteia” across campus:

We’ll likely be extremely low in terms of writing and publishing until after all finals, but we’re extremely happy to have the Roman on our staff.

And we also do suggest reading the Compendium Andreii, at least something in it will probably be somehow relevant and helpful.

Well then, Happy Studying, and to all the SSD Sophomores (a Blasae term…) don’t let it all get you down. To St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Albert the Great – pray for us!