WCC staff member David Beckman, several juniors at the school state, is “secretly an Olympic athlete in training infiltrating the school from NOLS”.

“Its simple, he’s chisel sicut marble as we would say in Latin,” Anthony Carter of Michigan tells us. “A body-builder, a model, he seems like an art-form enlivened, something like one of Pygmalion’s statues or something of that sort.”

“I have no idea why he’s here unless it’s just a cover to distract some possible competitors while he stays up all night and works out, but he’s going to the 2020 Olympics for sure” added Marcus Gardner of Virginia. 

While we interviewed Marcus, two bystanders seemed to agree with all this shouting, “The DAVID” and just “David!!!” when they heard Marcus talking.

A connection to the Olympics with WCC staff is nothing new, given Cafeteria manager Bruce Liu’s history of running the 2008 Beijing Olympics, but it does seem a bit weird for an obvious Olympic athlete like David to be working in Lander, unless it’s somehow part of a larger plan.

“He’s just here, from NOLS, and that’s all I know,” says Peter Anderson of Georgia, when we interviewed him Friday adding only, “Can I get back to the Math final?” 

IIT was unable to contact David Beckman for comment, but we do find his silence about his Olympic career interesting and a little weird in tight-knit WCC, especially as David has many friends and relatives amongst the students. As by out motto of being the bravest metal there is, we’ll just go on and keep investigating!