Note: This will be updated as results come in. Updated analysis will be placed in italics.

As of 11pm January 9th the results of our men’s prefect survey for Wyoming Catholic College’s 2020-2021 are:

Most Interesting Prefect Candidate:

  1. Andrew Russell.Patrick Young (tied)
  2. John Collins
  3. William Albers/Pako (tied)

Dream Prefect:

  1. Andrew Russell
  2. Pako
  3. Timothy Dominick

Most likely school picks

  1. Theodore Benz
  2. John Malinoski/Andrew Russell (tied)
  3. Andrew Matthews
  4. Joseph Nemec/John Collins (tied)

Some Preliminary Analysis

(Note – original analysis now somewhat out of date as rankings have changed)

Thursday, January 9th – Theo and Andrew Russell still maintain high rankings, though Andrew is gaining in some measures as Joseph Nemec becomes more recognized as a top tier candidate. Interestingly all four members of the class of 2022 who were in St. Benedict’s last year are now viewed as high possibilities for election.

As IIT analysis of the situation predicted, Theo gets a high ranking in the “draftability” measure by the school, but Andrew Russell takes top spot in the “dream prefect” and “most interesting” categories. We assumed based on various office communications that he was not in the running but are now investigating a possible candidacy.

Also interesting was Patrick Young’s outperformance in “most interesting”. Considering that he’s still a freshman, not usually where the school usually picks from, the interest factor he’s collected already could see him become a shoo-in a year from now should he keep momentum.

Matthew Kubisch was not on most people’s radar as a candidate this year, but appeared in 4th place, tying with junior Chris Carter, but fulfills an IIT intelligence prediction of nearly all top candidates being from the “Solid” WCCLE 4.

Should these rankings hold, IIT can now release its first direct predictions., with survey data of public opinion balanced against school, geopolitical, economic, and Student Life Office goal factors. Given the four spots opening up for men’s prefects this coming year we come up with the four to fill them being:

  1. Theodore Benz
  2. John Malinoski
  3. Andrew Russell
  4. Chris Carter (the school will want some balance of years amongst prefects)

Again, please note, this is preliminary, and could soon change.

Take the survey yourself: