Adding to WCC’s current bars, the Pequod and Crux After-Hours, school dormitory St. Jacob’s is now applying itself to become one, as a recent liquor license application was reported to IIT reporters. The dormitory is almost entirely seniors of drinking age already, but raises a question over how far “legitimate opportunities to grow in temperance”, what some students call bars, are being taken at WCC as feelings about the decision are already mixed.

“Two bars on campus is one thing,” says prefect Theresa Scheidler, a junior from Illinois. “But even with the Forge shutting down, do we really need another bar on campus, and inside a dorm for crying out loud? This screams like someone’s caving to passions under a facade of temperance opportunity.”

Temperance opportunity, or legitimate opportunities to grow in temperance, have long been a rallying cry for students looking to expand opportunities to drink on campus, but really heated up this semester at Cor Ad Cor, staff/student discussions, when some declared that they “couldn’t be virtuous without the ability to drink every day”. Since the Pequod is only “open” in the sense of offering alcoholic beverages on weekends, and Crux After-Hours is open far less than even the much-maligned, hard to get-into Forge, ever was, students, in general, don’t have the opportunities to drink, or as they would argue, to make a totally free decision not to drink, every day. This makes St. Jacobs being a bar, “an objective and necessary good”, as its prefect senior  Mitch “Mac” Schuter says, “and subsidized liquor prices, in the same way as laundry is for his dorm, necessary for Jacob’s thriving dorm life to continue”.

If approved the dormitory could serve any type of alcohol to those carded of proper drinking age and would be run by the current prefect and “qualified individuals to whom he may delegate the operation of bartending”. Mitch is not yet sure whether they will open up sales to non-students, but “wants to keep his options open according to the rule of charity, as “Jacob’s is a haven for thirsty former students and we have to think of their good too.”

School officials are in support officially of the plan as with Enoch Farssissimus, director of community engagement and one of those “qualified individuals” who was enthusiastic about the opening in an interview with IIT today and offered that: “We may bring in moonshine on a seasonal rotation for a bit of that nice Southern flair.” Residents who oppose the plan, however, are still quietly appreciative, he adds as it will “bring more visitors to the very lonely apartments”

St. Jacob’s bar, if approved, opens this week, concurrent with orations, to give seniors “the best possible preparation”.