Lander, WY – Wyoming Catholic College’s response to the so-called “Wuhan virus” or COVID-19 now includes replacing all door handles and doorknobs with single-use styrofoam replacements. “Doorknobs are too put it frankly, deadly,” said school Student Life director Hiram Higgenbottom. “High-touch areas, they’re perfect breeding grounds for all sorts of nasty things, pretty much disease interchanges if you ask me. But we’re doing something about it.”

Over the weekend, this “something” constitutes replacing all of them with single-use styrofoam knobs. Current members of WCC security, as well as the school’s bouncers, will now staff doors in lieu of the current key-card system from 5am to 10pm, replacing the doorknob each time one is used.

“Safety first,” Hiram continued. “We’re getting these at an amazing price from a business one of our graduates just started, and they’ll be an incredible tool in keeping us all healthy around here.”

The new knobs will only be installed in classroom buildings and Frassati, however, “as dormitories are the most sanitary places on campus already and there’s no need to make any changes there” a school maintenance official told IIT.

How long this system will last is undetermined, but Hiram hopes that some solutions like this “stay around permanently as they’re great for both a job creation standpoint for our community as well as just healthiness in general, even once the virus has passed.”