Dear Loyal Rocker Customer Friends,

While everyone else is panicking, IIT is very pleased to say we’re running quite as normal, bringing the supplies of Siberia to Alaska and America. We’re doing “very well” in fact with it, increasing our runs on our trunk US-Alaska-Siberia trucking service and very happy to be able to help carry critical supplies around the world when and as they’re needed.

Shipments are expanding by the day, and we’re proud to have the U.S. Military as one of our latest happy customers as we expand out truck fleet to sixty-eight, sixty-four American-made with four Russian specials decorating our absolutely massive convoys.

With the decline in oil prices and a lot of people panicked beyond their reason, we know IIT customers are people of reason, fun, and a little bit of nice “kick” to their stride. So we want to be the first to offer you our newest trucking special ($1/lb to anywhere we serve from anywhere) and leave you a few ideas of just what we ship as “the world’s most absolutely massive ice trucker service.”

Yes, that’s their our new slogan: “Absolutely Massive Trucking”

Check out this new site to see more things that are absolutely massive that IIT is certified to move..

And here’s just a few more of the many things IIT carries every day, anywhere, under any condition.

  • Toilet paper: We’ve got you. 8 truckloads bringing civilization a night
  • Copies of the Compendium Andreii: We’ve got you.
  • Tanks: Classic WW2 style, flashy 1960s or moderns with all the modern conveniences. We bring it. We get it.
  • Flying Saucers: Yes, we are Bigfoot’s preferred distributor.

Out trucks are armed for safety (don’t worry, it’s just for getting through Canada) and our drivers are at the top in our business and we listen to heavy metal while we drive our heavy metal flotilla. Worried about how we can ice-truck come spring when the snow melts? Never fear, we’re so cool as a corp that we bring our own ice.

So rock on over to IIT and let’s get some stuff done, in an absolutely massive way. Call 307-206-5241 or write to to get your stuff moving new.

More to come about some exciting developments for IIT in the technology field: keep watching here to find out as soon as this week.


Everett Polinski

“The bravest metal there is” and now also “The most absolutely massive trucking service worldwide”