Recent investigation of the WCC grading system known a Populi shows that junior John Paul Terneus of Nebraska may be set to join the sophomore class. Originally leader of The Legion, and more recently of fame with the Game Squad, JP ranks among the most well-known of the Class of 2021 already amongst the sophomores and would be a strong boost to the energy of certain sophomore class sections should this move be true

Why exactly he might want to “bump down a year”, especially mid-semester, is unknown to IIT researcher Samantha LePen, who claims to have discovered his name “mysteriously added to the roster for a sophomore mathematics section” yesterday, but it appears he’s now official as a sophomore according to other WCC administration sources (although not yet officially by the school registrar to whom we placed a request for comment).

John Paul’s move was foreshadowed, other IIT agents report, by the fact that Terneus also signed up for a slot himself to participate again in the well-known critically-acclaimed sophomore math oral midterm earlier this month. His roommate, The Omnisciens, was the first to discover this mystery, but as he told IIT, “I hardly noticed it at the time, and probably explained it away to myself as a mistake, perhaps Dr. Olsson using an oral sign up sheet from last year or something like that.

IIT has not yet been able to reach John Paul for comment, but we polled several sophomores and they all “would be quite happy to have John Paul for the math help” (He’s a genius, IIT intelligence cooperators have said) but are again surprised that such a genius would take the otherwise unprecedented step of “skipping backwards”. 

Sophomore class leaders are extremely pleased as well, as getting John Paul increases the chances that the Class of 2022 will stay at or above 40 members to 3% from 0.01% according to a statistical analysis conducted by the site FiveThirtyEight.

John Paul Terneus according to IIT intelligence photos

Ternues is also suspected by some to be a descendent to the Turnus of the Aeneid given his similar apparent interest in warfare, strategy, and alliances as well as the similarity in their names, a supposition he vehemently denies. A continuing presence from him longer at WCC should he thus join the sophomore class might lead to a greater and deeper investigation of this claim.