Lander, WY – Wyoming Catholic College is set to announce the prefect picks for the 2020-2021 school year as soon this week. As the world waits for the decision here’s some of our final news and analysis

We covered earlier stories in the complex selection process,from our first surveys concerning candidates for men and women to deeper analysis and early results, the debacle that was the first Student Life Office caucus.

Since February, however, there’s been little notice or mention of the coming picks, however, and as the time is coming soon for the final decisions for 2020-2021, we’re diving back into the race for a final look-see.


But first, before we go into analysis, we do have to admit that a little bit more complexity and uncertainty about how many prefects are actually needed has entered the equation, among the men’s dorms just as much as the women’s.

For when “Kath” left St. Joan’s the dorm only received a temporary replacement who is graduating this year. Two other dorm spots were to open up this coming year for women, almost certainly going to members of the Class of 2022, but with this further spot opening up, it seems likely to go a current Junior. That’s not determined yet, and our sources have surprisingly little intelligence on this, so we are still in the process of investigating whether this opens up another spot to the general free-for-all amongst sophomores who are typically the focus of the draft or is reserved for members of another class.

Among men, conversely, while a simple cont of prefect retirements (graduations) seems to point to four spots opening up, this may be reduced to three, if as with this semester, the old-Apartments, St. Scholastica and St. Benedict, are treated as a single dorm under a single prefect. This may have simply been temporary, a move to deal with the resignation of one prefect, but if continued, could leave only three spaces opening up for men.

Further, Mr. Colin McCarty taking over leadership of the Student Life Office (which has the final say on picking prefects officially, the rules are kind of Byzantine, get it?) come May 1st. Prefects are typically announced before then, so the current Halsmer administration is likely to execute majority control over this year’s picks, but incoming McCarty could inject some uncertainty and influence into the process, possibly in favor, due to his Navy background and personality in the direction of Theo, Jack, and Andrew Russell

Final Predictions

Now that that’s out of the way fill out this form to place your final predictions but as we get down to the wire here our are final assesements of the race as it currently stands.


Short and simply put, we believe Andrew Russell, John Malinoski, and Joseph Nemec are the top three candidates amongst men, with Timothy Dominic (likely to decline the offer) or John Collins, each rising in several recent polls also likely to be chosen should the school split St. Benedict and St. Scholastica apart so as to need four prefects.

Theo Benz and Andrew Matthews top the polls as the most likely to be picked by the school, and absent other factors, they’re in an absolute sense top tier candidates. But given their aptitude elsewhere, we see it unlikely that the school picks either of them and hence focused our forecast on the next highest candidates.

Andrew Russell ranks high amongst polls for the most interesting candidate and with his close friendship with new Student Life head McCarty we see him a shoe-in for being picked, unless of course, he’s needed to continue as a Math tutor, in which case JohnJohn Collins and Timothy Dominick rise to his place.

Joseph Nemec just feels like a prefect candidate given multiple impressions of him transmitted through IIT intelligence agents. Since these impressions are apparently felt in the Student Life Office as well, he’s well and running to reach that spot.

Malinoski. Watch that space, err spice… Good community engagement, good friendships, but just at the spot where the school wants a little more, and you have a winner.

Timothy. Well, we’re pretty confident he’ll get asked, but IIT agents have been in contact with him and he says he doesn’t want it, even if he does get asked, so the ball will move on to JohnJohn we suspect who has the great feel and fit of an Athanasius prefect already according to several Athanasian sources. Community life is the focus here, we hear.


The race is far tighter amongst women, but we see Bernadette “Syv” Syverson and Elaine White as the top two candidates, with either Kathy Swift, Ruth Kress, or more likely, a Junior, taking up the third spot opened up due to “Kath’s” resignation.

Syverson’s pathway to prefecthood would parallel Joe White’s, but she’s tied for second place in our survey for likelihood of being selected and seems like a good leader. Ask freshmen. The “Syv Swag” is a thing.

Elaine White just radiates the calmness and collectedness the school is looking for in prefects. IIT agents have not been able to get in touch with her for an interview, however, but we’re confident she’ll at least be asked.

Kathy Swift did receive the most votes in our survey and we think there could be something there from various anecdotal reports. However, computer modelling of several extrinsic factors makes her candidacy look less likely. As Ruth Kress tied for second place in the survey but she herself believes it unlucky she’ll be picked, we’re splitting the odds here, err three ways. Some current Junior could be picked to, per our modeling of the situation, Julia or Kirsten the first coming to mind.

Why not MaryAnne or Janelle? It has nothing to do with Canadaphobia. They’re just to well-appreciated elsewhere to be likely. Good candidates in an absolute sense they’re the women’s versions of Andrew Matthews and Theo in that regard. Same with Cami. Good candidates, but better elsewhere in the school’s likely analysis after we model the other factors.

And that’s that!

Really, it is. Or at least until we can examine how accurate we were against real data. We’re waiting for the school to issue their announcement which could and should come any day now (it was April 16th last year) and we’re just as excited as everyone else to see who they will be.

Thanks for helping us gauge the public view with our preliminary survey. We’re putting out a second survey to gauge people’s final predictions. Fill it our right below or at this link if you’re interested.