Lander, WY – Wyoming Catholic College’s St. Graham’s dormitory is launching what it calls a “sanctuary dorm” policy to “limit cooperation with school administration on cell-phone deportations.” By current school law as inscribed in the Student Handbook and particularly the “technology policy” as it is called, all cell-phones are deported at the beginning of every semester, a practice which St. Graham’s prefect Josh Hawkins Jr. calls “irrational and un-philosophic opposed to justice obviously, but also the health and welfare of his dorm”. Current school leadership is “unprepared” to take the bold step of what Josh calls “highly necessary comprehensive technology policy reform” so he’s making a decision for the good of his dorm as a whole on his own. And that’s in the form of a new policy which will limit cooperation with school administration with reference to cell-phone deportations. Beginning today, neither St. Graham’s nor its prefect will collect phones, ask any questions to any seen using them, and will not aid school administration in collecting any phones from others.

“It’s just plain dang justice,” Josh continues, “We’ve been running a place where people can’t talk to their friends since the internet went out and they don’t have a phone. How cruel is that?” How the school will respond to this decision is yet to be determined, as Josh Hawkins, as a prefect, reports to them, but “turmoil and red tape in Student Life will keep the hardliners from cracking down to hard on me,” he added.

Several other prefects are reportedly interested in establishing similar policies, and St. Athanasius’ prefect Adam McClure may also be interested in establishing a “don’t check, don’t care” curfew policy for the coming year to eliminate the concern of some students over retribution should they have been out after curfew, a concern Adam says is “disruptive to his relationship with his dorm members.”