Lander, WY – Following in the footsteps of the recent return of Dr. Mortenson, one of the founding professors of Wyoming Catholic College (WCC), who will be teaching so called “PEAKlets” for the coming two weeks, students have begun protesting for the return of the famed Dr. Kwasniewski, also one of the school’s first professors and a world-renowned liturgy expert. Dr. Kwasniewski taught at WCC until 2018, when he moved to become an independent researcher and helped to found the St. Paul Center for research in Biblical Theology.

Crowds of students watching (and participating) in Lander’s 4th of July Parade in front of WCC school offices suddenly broke out of a “Canada’s a Myth” chant to their primary demand “for the Kwas (Dr. Kwasniewski) to be returned” as this video of the incident shows:

“I love the Kwas yes I do… I love the Kwas how about you!”

It’s not yet clear what the school’s position is on Dr. Kwasniewski returning, or, for that matter, what the liturgist, musical composer, and author/commentator himself plans on doing. However, it is clear according to IIT political analyst Sophia Donaldson that the “WCC community wants their Kwas back, and preferably by Christmas.”

A similar return of the professor to WCC was rumored last fall as we reported, but as nothing yet has come of it, students who were excited then are getting anxious and a little impatient in hopes that the legendary “Kwas” as he is often known as to his friends will actually come back and help resettle and recenter a growing and diversifying WCC at risk of falling away from its roots.