Lander, WY – Wyoming Catholic College students at the school apartments over the summer face a new disruption, local sources report, with the unexpected surprise of the school WiFi working. “How am I going to get any better at the Google Chrome dinosaur game?” mourns Junior Jacob Zepp, a world master at the game from his experience over the last few years at the school.

Zepp’s not alone in his concerns other students now face the difficult prospect of actually having to host parties to watch movies rather than only plan them. Further internet connections actually working pose family problems as well. “Aghh, now I’m going to be expected to video call rather than just call my family” mourns a senior who wished to remain anonymous. “How are they going to react to my new hairdo, and even worse, my tats,” he said worriedly.

Luckily one technologically smart student figured out how to disconnect the wires on the WiFI transmitter and solved many of these problems temporarily. But there’s still danger though as the school detected the outage within minutes and had the wire repaired within an hour. Therefore the solution “isn’t really repeatable” unfortunately the student mourned.

Several students are bringing a protest to the Student Life Office in hopes that the school will find a way to return to the preferable normalcy of malfunctioning WiFi. “We can always maybe try knocking out power lines,” offers one sophomore in hopes of a solution, “But I do want my microwave to work even though I don’t care for any of that internet craziness.”