Scrap wood, blue paint, and bullets are all supposedly involved in the mysterious “Operation F4” at WCC

Lander, WY – According to top undercover agents for IIT, Wyoming Catholic College’s Flex team is currently undertaking a “top-secret operational deployment project codenamed “Operation F4.” Details, obviously, are scarce, but nearly all members of the summer’s team are reportedly involved in what one of our sources calls a “surprise, even to them”, an operation involving the use of .22 caliber bullets, lots of blue paint, and piles of scrap wood.”

While of course it cannot yet be confirmed, this is some of the strongest evidence yet pointing towards Flex involvement in the mysterious happenings around WCC and Lander, WY which we at IIT have covered under the name of “The WCC Conspiracy“. Flex, amongst groups and organizations at the school, was one of the last anyone suspected to be involved in the far-reaching and only partly uncovered conspiracy, but evidence recently has been pointing to some sort of activity from the group and this recent “top-secret operational deployment” can only mean something deep, confusing, and conspiratorial.

Flex members spoken to by IIT staff say there is no such thing as an “Operation F4” but their actions, as reported by our sources, and since corroborated by other news agencies, confirm that something is going on, something kept secret from even some top faculty and staff at the school, who have, according to our undercover sources, “expressed such confusion over exactly what the project is as to exhibit that they know nothing about it.”

And while, again, of course, we don’t know what “Operation F4” is all about, other than these aforesaid mentions of a project by that name existing and involving certain materials and tools, one rumor spreading among students at WCC is that the operation has something with “freedom from freshmen” and “flirting”.

As with all news, and especially, all news potentially relating to the truth behind the ever-deepening conspiracy, IIT will be sure to keep you all posted. But please tell us as well if you have any idea what “Operation F4” is all about yourself.