Lander, WY – In association with the school janitorial department, Irkutsk Ice Truckers is proud to offer premier private access to a “private hidden and fully functioning” restroom in Wyoming Catholic College’s Baldwin Building. “Just pay us five bucks a month, leaving the money hidden underneath the Baldwin safe and we’ll tell you where it is and then let you use it,” says the janitorial department contact with which we’re arranging this special offer exclusive to Irkutsk Ice Truckers’ readers.

“Alternatively leave food, preferably good food in the same spot and we’ll also let you use it,” he adds. “Best location. Private access guaranteed, and twice as clean as any of the other restrooms.” Although there are several other restrooms located within the school building and dozens across the entire campus, IIT recommends this offer (sponsored as we are by members of the janitorial department) as benefitting the good of the community as a whole as well your own private good.

IIT can arrange for a tour for those who are interested in purchasing access, but anyone who takes a tour is however required to purchase access for at least a month. 

Similar to this incredible new offer, IIT is also going to be offering access to private studying spaces, storage lockers, power outlets, and more across the WCC campus in association again with the janitorial department but also as well with the newly founded enclave nation of Lazikistan located entirely within the WCC campus (but which has already laid claim to much of it within the last week. Contact an IIT agent again at  to learn more.