Lander, WY – Wyoming Catholic College announced an expansion to their previously four-times-a-year lecture series on the strength of “student demand” for “intellectual stimulation” that will see lectures increased in frequency to nightly the rest of the semester.

“Students have too much free time on their hands with this year’s academic calendar,” Student Life Office assistant director Mary Detsagah told IIT today about the decision. “And with lectures happening so rarely and infrequently they never really get a chance to actively participate to the level we want them to. But bringing lecture frequency up to once a day will do more than just fix that, it will also get the WCC name out there in the academic sphere as ‘the place’ to go for aspiring intellectuals wanting to give PowerPoint presentations.”

Some days will still not have lectures under the new plan, including “one or two days during the middle of finals” according to Mary, “but otherwise students can expect to have a nice relaxing two-hour-long required lecture after dinner every night by a (typically) visiting professor on some topic of academic interest.”

As part of the decision, WCC will be purchasing the Lander Community and Convention Center at which the lectures are typically now held and modifying dinner schedules to finish by 6pm every night in order to allow enough time for “some cleanup and preparation.”

The decision is also expected to improve student’s level of dress, with formal dress code “now pretty much the standard at all times.”

Nights before papers are due will have as a bonus two all school lectures scheduled, one at 7pm and one at 9pm to insure students get that much needed final kick.”