Louise Cowan

Lander, WY – Wyoming Catholic College is set to open its first literary scholarship center in March 2021 under a grant from the Lander Foundation and under the leadership of Trivium and Humanities professor Dr. Tiffany Schubert. The Schubert Center for Louise Cowan Research as the new department will be called will employ “as many as seven student assistants” while taking over leadership of the Humanities 301: Comedy and Tragedy course from the school administration.

Run as an independent foundation, again by Dr. Schubert, it hopes according to its founding statement to “explore the relationship between tragedy and itself, comedy and itself, tragedy and comedy, tragedy and what is not tragedy, comedy and what is not comedy, comedy and human life, tragedy and human life, Louise Cowan’s beliefs and human life, Louise Cowan’s beliefs and Dr. Schubert’s, Louise Cowan’s beliefs and the WCC Academic Council’s, Louise Cowan’s belief’s and that of the average freshman, and more.

The Schubert Center will be headquartered out of Dr. Schubert’s office until a more permanent space can be acquired and all students will be encouraged to visit its extensive collection of works including a copy of Louise Cowan’s “The Tragic Abyss” and “The Comic Terrain”.