PLEASE NOTE: This Article was updated on November 16th to correct an incorrect answer to the question.

This question was a paper prompt for the juniors a month ago in Philosophy 301 on Aristotle’s Nichomachean Ethics, and led to much contention Rather than try to answer properly, I’ll just go the American, the democratic way, and answer the question by popular opinion.

Results as of November 12th

Forms response chart. Question title: the Magnaninimous Man Happy?. Number of responses: 9 responses.

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Currently the correct answer is that the magnaminous man is not happy, but this may change as more people vote. Participate in democracy, create your future. GO VOTE. And if we don’t like your answer, don’t worry, we’ll just recount your votes until we do like the results.

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Send as many as you want. We’ll keep the ones we like.

Our editorial staff would like to extend an apology and retraction. One of our low-level writers, an Indiana junior published this article without even reading the chart properly. Somehow the answer given by our survey is exactly the opposite of what he supposedly thought the chart meant. Luckily Everett Polinski (hey that’s me!!) caught the error, but for all those of you think the magnanimous man isn’t happy, he actually is, and we’re sorry again for those of you who got the wrong impression from reading our article. We want to make sure you have only the best sophistry and we do care, and we’re very sorry this happened