From IIT agents and our intelligence sources all over the country, here’s how the first full day of the Fall 2020 Finals went for students at Wyoming Catholic College. In general, things went better than expected given everything going on and the challenges some IIT staff members have outlined, but there were still some individual


Reportedly freshmen just decided to hang out in the Pequod and are boycotting their Latin final… According to freshman Anna Miller of Minnesota, “this is merely a bargaining chip” as they do ultimately intend as a class “to take that final someday. We just want to do it for extra credit and not for regular credit,” she added. Latin professors at the school have not yet announced what they are going to do in response to what’s probably the biggest boycott yet that a class has put on, but it’s likely they’ll “only expel the ringleaders rather than the whole class.”


According to one of my sources in school administration, it appears that Russian hackers are attempting to disrupt and change the outcome of the sophomore theology finals. One student reported Arian heresy while another claims to have evidence that the person on the other end of their online oral final was not actually Dr. Dziad


Scientific Reasoning finals however have gone on today as expected, except for the fact that most thought that there would be a surprise oral component where Dr. Scott Olsson shows up on each student’s doorstep. This has not yet happened, according to multiple Junior reports we’ve received.


Seniors appear to all be gathered in one place for their Theology final, something that has some of our intelligence staff convinced that more might be going on there. Multiple school staff are currently attempting monitoring the situation for signs of fraud, but as of 12pm mountain time, have not yet been allowed into the Senior’s Louisiana based compound.