For some reason everyone else is panicked, overwhelmed, and lying on the floor. I wonder what there problem is?

By an intense sophomore

Many sophomores say for some reason or another that we’re all depressed, overloaded, or “drowning” in homework. 

 I don’t think that’s true. 

Something’s not right, I admit, but it seems rather that we just don’t have enough homework. 

It’s not that I don’t enjoy what we’re currently doing. I do, I really do. I do really well with it in fact, well, as well as a 3.98 GPA. I would’ve kept a 4.0, but Horsemanship was last semester and I only got an A- on it. The group quadrilles, performed as a group, were graded as a group, and then the group grade was passed on to the individuals. Well, nevermind, bygones are sort of bygones.

I was saying I enjoy the curriculum. I’ve never missed a class. I’m sort of proud of that, but it’s not like we’ve ever really had that many classes or anything. Why anyone would even complain is beyond me. Sixteen or eighteen hours out of a hundred-and-sixty-eight in a week? That’s a pittance?

Is it work? Naah, can’t be. It’s not like any of us are working full-time or anything. I work more than most, fifteen or twenty hours but its all easy stuff. Just fit it in around everything else. Its only 10-15% of your time at most.

Is it dorm events. I only go to about three of those a week. Max commitment two/three hours tops.

Outdoor trips? Those are totally relaxation, recreation, fun. Leading and planning them is easy and I only do about two or three a week. 

Choir? I’m only in two choirs and both scholas. Why do we only have four? Can’t we have a jazz band, a rock band, and a few worship groups on top of some Boethian music choirs? Choir is such a pittance of a commitment.

Foosball a few hours a day? Hey that’s only a few hours and its for the good of the community as a whole.

Papers? Are you kidding me. That’s where all the fun is. That’s where it all comes together. If anything we should have more papers. It’s so monotonous having them only due every weekend. Couldn’t we have more papers due during the week? Maybe even every day?

Hey I’m trying to keep myself busy. I helped 20 seniors write their theses, I write all my classes study guides, I keep the computer networks working at the school, I serve at Mass everyday, I do every WFR scenario that’s available, I do all my readings, twice. Next year I plan on doing all three Latin reading groups and doing two Junior Authors. I’ll write my thesis and give my oration in Latin (or maybe Greek). I’ll volunteer to teach catechism at Holy Rosary and at the Mission.

Yeah, I don’t understand what people are complaining about. I have plenty of time all the time. I love this. And if anything I think they’re treating us all to easily. We need more commitments, more requirements, and more responsibilities. Because, too put it frankly, most afternoons I find myself thinking… I’m bored.

John Carter, Michigan
Class of 2023