Dear IIT Customers,

We announced that we would be suspending all of our Russian operations a few months ago. And yes, we partially held by that promise. We said, in particular, that we would be suspending all deliveries in Russia. Well, we never had any there in the first place, so it was an easy publicity stunt to pull.

But as part of our corporate “We support the current thing” initiative, we’ve decided to take an even stronger public stand for Ukraine and against Russia. Irkutsk Ice Truckers, after much board debate, and despite having major operations in Russia which could be placed at risk by this stand (besides our non-existent delivery business, we’re talking real tangible things here, like … hmm) , have decided to unveil a new logo.

Please support us because we’re taking such an enormous risk and putting ourselves under the deadly threat of Russian attacks.

We’ll be giving you our full corporate opinion on every detail of the invasion, besides our full coverage of all the world’s news, as

You know, we’re heroes or something, just for changing our logo.

And you need to agree with our stand. Or you’re a treasonous Russian agent.

Don’t be Russian!

Thanks from all of us in advance,

Jeffery Sarvis
Interim President of IIT

P.S. Any and all issues with our website are completely the Russians’ fault. Oh yes, even my stubbing my toe today. That was Putin. Obviously.