Austin, TX – Former president of Irkutsk Ice Truckers and 2022 graduate of Wyoming Catholic College, Everett Polinski appeared today on the latest podcast of MMA fighter turned comedian Joe Rogan. Blunt, crass, and, to many, controversial, Joe Rogan is known for bringing interesting guests onto his long form interview podcast, the most popular in the world with an average of 11,000,000 listeners per episode, but Everett Polinski is definitely one of his most out of left-field guests.

During the three-hour and thirty-four-minute episode released today, Everett and Joe Rogan discussed topics ranging from Everett’s possible connections to the Russian government, his leadership of Irkutsk Ice Truckers, what life is like as a student at Wyoming Catholic College, whether Everett has seen or believes in UFOs and Bigfoot, as well as Everett’s political views.

Listen to the episode on Spotify here.