Lander, Wyoming is known nationwide for its incredible celebrations of America’s Independence Day, the 4th of July, with yearly records set for both quantity and firepower in both the city’s official fireworks show as well as those put on by individuals. Typically, the fireworks shows make Lander sound like an active battleground, and even after they’re over, the town literally looks and smells like a war zone. 

But in a bid to improve safety in Lander this year, local officials are clamping down on some of the most ostentatious fireworks displays, which over the last few years have included many individuals setting off nuclear bombs as part of their patriotic displays.

“Im all for patriotism,” said local police chief Bernie Branson, “but in most of the world, nukes are a little too far. Conventional weaponry can still put on a good show without the risks of nuclear fallout and damaging the buildings of our beautiful, historic downtown.:

The Lander Police Department, acting on the authorization of a 7-2 vote of the city council, has thus issued a complete ban on any nuclear weapon usage by local individuals this year, with potential misdemeanor charges for any violations. Two council members disagreed, arguing that America’s Independence is such an important thing to celebrate that even dangerous displays are worth the risk.