An image of the new policy in action.

Lander, WY – Not only will all Wyoming Catholic College announcements come via bulletin boards rather than by email from now on via the latest Student Life Office emergency update directive (673423-455-9-20-2022), but the college’s plan is to eliminate all email usage entirely, similarly replacing with bulletin boards, of which there will soon be one in every room on campus. To, for example, send a message to ask a friend to come by one’s dorm after dinner, a student should simply print out three-hundred copies of their message and post one in every room. Students are expected to scrutinize and fully read every message in every room they enter, and this new system, “while slower,” as school assistant dean Dr. Benoski admitted, “will truly be in the spirit of our great hero John Junior.”

WCC is expected to use about 100,000 sheets of paper per day for student messages and announcements once the system is fully in place.