Seeing a “grave need for a Bible that fits with Western culture” a group of Wyoming Catholic College students are trying to meet just this need, with a new version of the Bible, translated, structured, printed, and containing just what fits with their daily lifestyle
Designed to meld with their own daily life, the new Latin Room Translation will include better translations of such phrases as “You den of vipers” into “You punks” or “fire and brimstone” as “nuke”. It will also feature inspirational new books never before seen in any Bible translation such as the Evangelium Andreii and Paul’s Letter to the Californians. The LRT translation is from Latin to English as befits its name, but along with its “better translations” as head editor Brian Jackson calls them and larger scope, it also does away with things some deem to be too Biblical. “We don’t have any verses, little dots, or even that much objectivity at all,” he continues. “This is the Bible for everyone. This is YOUR Bible.”
“We’re so pleased to have some of our own students dedicating their time to helping people better understand the Bible,” says Dr. Folssom, a WCC Theology professor. “With today’s announcement, we have proof that the excellent Latin education students receive here is being put to good use. Their work may not be the most literal of any translation, but it remains in the literary descent of the King James and RSV translations. We’re especially pleased about how the interpretation of the Bible that forms the backbone of this work is based on the marital opinions of Andrew Russell.”
Reportedly the Diocese of Cheyenne is already investigating the translation even before it is officially published this fall over heretical translations of important passages. One of our sources who is actually on the student panel producing the work says the LRT gives particular credence to polygamy and the ability to become oneself a god. 
Over this, even as the diocese investigates, several local representatives from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Sainthood have already pre-ordered their copies. Sales began this week for a publishing date set for September 5th, and the students involved plan to publish it whether or not they receive express Church approval.
“I say read it first and vote on it later,” says one of them on the condition of anonymity. “There are plenty of surprises in it, but they’re good, like the concealed pistol in every copy or the laser pointer inside the binding.”
Visit to order your copy if you want to take the chance.