Nashville, TN: In a bid to appeal to the burgeoning market for automobiles for priests, Chevrolet announced plans today for a new coupe, available only to Catholic clergy and customized for the state in life.

Chevrolet president Randall McNerney says he’s “excited to serve the diverse communities in our nation with cars customized to our needs” including this new two-cylinder throwback model for Catholic priests.

“With an amazing pop-up altar replacing the trunk, a unique Holy Water power sprayer system for blessing the roads, or blasting that Protestant pastor’s truck when you pass him, a vestment storage rack and built-in confessional replacing the passenger’s seat, your priest will be truly driving to the spirit when they have this car!” he continues.

Chevy Biretta Concept

Available from March 9th, 2020 (the feast of St. Francis of Rome, patron saint of automobile travelers) the Chevy Biretta will start at a year’s worth of Masses or an equivalent payment in Vatican City currency.

Chevrolet plans to introduce special vehicles customized for seminarians, traveling speakers, and “regular” Catholic families at a later date.

Delays may occur, however, due to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) possibly classifying the Holy Water power sprayer as a weapon. Chevrolet is hoping to get a religious exemption from this classification, but the DHS is concerned about possible use of the new technology in other cars (sold to a less exclusive audience) as an anonymous IIT government source reports.