At IIT we’re proud to be part of making America great. But as you loyal readers know, something’s really only great if its metallic, so Making America Great Again requires a return to the metal culture which made it great.

Evangelium Andreii

So here’s a book that will bring about a little bit of that metallic culture we’re working towards. The second installment in our Metal course track, MTL201 continues what we began to explicate in MTL102, the real by means of the metal, but in bold new directions, we explain more closely just what that means and how to achieve it. And It’s available now folks! Read it, share it, study it, and remember to live out the wisdom we’re sharing in it.

It’s our first published work for our new Irkutsk Ice Books division, sans a Traditional Metal for the Traditional Mass hymnal that’s been inexplicably delayed in the process of trying to get an imprimatur… I wonder why that is, by the way?

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Rock on our fellow student rockers,

Everett and the IIT team

MTL201: Evangelium Andreii : Copyright 2019 Irkutsk Ice Books