Ostensibly introduced to increase the security of school buildings currently reliant on what the school calls an “antiquated punch code system”, WCC plans to introduce a modern, “technologically advanced” door lock system which will scan computer chips built into individual students’ ID cards. This is weird, however, in the introduction of a typical collegesque technology to WCC to replace a functioning system. Even if we accept their argument that this is needed for security reasons as in the prevention of outsiders from accessing school buildings on the off chance that they somehow acquire the entry codes, there is a larger problem in this plan.

Access through the new system will by definition be through newly acquired school IDs containing a computer chip coded to each student or faculty member. But, under this system, which goes into effect this week, there is no apparent consideration for the unofficial “hangers-on” to the school. Graduates, former employees, dropouts, etc., would be “undocumented” by this proposal and denied unrestricted access to the WCC campus. And this is a problem. It is these “undocumented” ones, like Mick Rex, the Elder Mormons 1 & 2, who make WCC great.

Are we kicking them out, those who show up in our buildings even earlier than most students, who bring opportunity to us for evangelization, communication and more?

It’s injustice,

Perhaps the system can be rectified within the system, but something needs to change at least to restore justice to our community through our doors.

The Bald One

This opinion was written by a WCC student as a parody of the situation – this one only worries about being locked out himself or denied access to areas he may need to have access to for legitimate business reasons!!!