Famed Wyoming Catholic College senior Michael Rose is getting an early start on his next career through a new weekly cooking show broadcast on the IIT network launching May 4th.

“Baking with Rosey”, the product of Michael Rose’s decades of expert experience into cooking, baking, frying, and flipping, will be a “once in a lifetime extreme baking fest” Michael explained to IIT “where fruit wows, flour flies, and the taste is dived.”

May 1st the show will be “Cinnamon Cinna & The Bun” featuring the Crux Triple Cinnamon Roll” Michael invented last year. “Famed Rose humor, that’s part of the recipe” he also promised, and “this is just the start”.

Special guests will join Michael in later shows include Ellen Zaney, a famed Canadian baker with her special “Invisanation Cake”, a Canadian tour-de-force and Gina Vand of Wisconsin to talk about cheesecakes.

Michael declined to comment on whether Ruth or the “Burly Mountain Woman-Baker” would make appearances, but his show will soon have a “call-in line and eventually a place for a live audience.”

Shows will be streamed live on the IIT Network Mondays from May 4th at 5am Mountain Time and will also be made available later right here on IrkutskIceTruckers.com.