Hi, there all of you and thanks for reading Irkutsk Ice Truckers’ humourous news, crazy parodies, and interesting insights. Since its been a while since I’ve talked seriously on this site, and with a lot having changed or been launched with IIT over the summer I thought it was a great time to update you all on where we are and where we’re going.

Irkusk Ice Truckers News (.com)

Here at irkutskicetruckers.com we’ve been chugging along at full speed ahead all summer and are now at a grand total of 431 articles as of August 21st. Obviously we’ll have to slow down since most of our staff members will have a fuller than full schedule of classes starting this TUesday, but we’ll keep going at a reduced pace. Don’t worry we’ve got at least dozens of article ideas stockpiled in the pipeline and more get brought to us or thought up by our staff every day so we will keep going. We may be much slower in coming out with them. MUCH slower. As in one a week rather than nearly one each day. But since school looks to be especially tough for most of our writing staff its about all we can do and we still will try to produce that hilarious news and editorial style content we’ve become famous for.


Launched back in May and announced several times: WCCLE is a free and easy to use online encyclopedia for the WCC community. Based on the same software that well-known Wikipedia runs, WCCLE now has 217 topics and is growing fast. Anyone can edit, including you and we’re hoping to turn this site into an absolutely massive school history depository project.

Topics on this site are a mix between clear truth and obvious artistry (that is, fakeness). We’re still working to find a balance, but there’s an incredinle amount of information up there already and more is getting added by the day so I’d encourage you to check it out.

Irkutsk Ice Forum

Nothing has really come of our online forum yet, and while it’s still up and available at https://forum.irkutskicetruckers.com/ we’re evaluating the long-term future of this project at social networking and may discontinue it should it be seen as unnecessary in our long term business strategies.

In His Order

Our most recent attempt at an entirely serious news and commentary website on political, religious, and world issues of concern is also sort of on hold due to the discovery our staff has had that “too much news disturbs peace.” I had been told that a lot of times before, but it wasn’t until this summer that I realized it.

So, while we hope to eventually do more here with inhisorder.com, it’s also kind of on hold for the moment at least.

Everett Polinski Wyoming Adventures

Our fictional mystery and adventure book series, which IIT writers began work on over the summer, is also, sadly, on hold for the moment. While we have nearly 60 pages down for the first book, writing a book takes a lot of time, something that we don’t have nearly as much of during the school year. Hopefully we’ll get back to it again over Christmas Break.


School related databases and information are available on request to any WCC student. Just email James or Everett to request access.


More is on the horizon, and while I can’t go into all the details now, here’s a list of a few more exciting projects on the horizon:

  • The Everettverse
  • Practical comedy coming to a Catholic college near you
  • Work-Study reading packets
  • and even, even more

As always, if you’re at all interested in being part of IIT, simply talk or write to Everett, James, or any other IIT employee.

Thanks for reading IIT!