As you probably know, I’m a junior now and Sophia’s a senior so we’re looking toward the future to see if there’s some way this “project” or set of projects can be continued. We’ve grown to harbor the work of over a dozen people beyond just me at various times throughout the past two years but there are all sorts of great opportunities that I as well as many current WCC administrators would like to see continue.

For my staff and Ipersonally, IIT has been an experience that’s led to an improvement in my writing and technology skills, spreadsheet/document work, publishing, and even business management,  communication, and promotional skills. Even beyond this, its been the catalyst for me to meet and gain friendships with more members of the local Lander community (County10 News is interested in interviewing us next month, for example, and I’ve met several other local Landerites through this), members of the broader Catholic world as well as even some other WCC students I might not have otherwise gotten to know well..

There’s plenty to be involved in as we transition from solely humor and parody to start including serious reflective articles, helpful all-in-one-place launch pages for the WCC student, a school encyclopedia with useful and easy to find info, and more.

So to showcase all this, I’m planning to host two video info meetings/presentations about what opportunities we have for you, what’s planned for the future, and how what started out as a joke can actually be a serious opportunity to practice and increase your writing, communication, technological, and more, skills. We’re still about that comic spirit, and we’re still having fun as we do all this, but we’re becoming much more.

IIT and I will thus be hosting two virtual interest meeting sessions on Sunday, January 3rd at 6pm MT and Saturday, January 9th at 6pm MT. Anyone who’s interested in joining IIT is invited and I’ll send out a reminder with a Google Meet link as that time approaches through our Facebook channels. Please email Sophia or me if you’re interested in either of these at or but otherwise show up anyway at either of these times.

Thanks for being part of IIT!
Merry Christmas,

Everett Polinski
President/Founder – Irkutsk Ice Truckers
Editor – Irkutsk Ice Truckers Now