Lander, WY – Wyoming Catholic College, already famous for its Latin program, which aims to treat Latin as a real living language worthy of continued usage, announced plans today to “double down” on their Latinity. Rather than Latin being confined to a single program within the curriculum it will become the standard for all classroom instruction for all students from their sophomore year onwards. Once the change takes effect, beginning next Fall, all assigned readings will be in Latin, all discussions will be held in Latin, and all instructions, quizzes, papers, and the like will be required to be presented in perfect Latin.

Magister, the school’s primary Latin teacher announced the change in a press conference today, outlining the benefits of Latin to all parts of the curriculum. “No more falling asleep in ELP classes anymore,” he commented, “Everyone’s going to have to put their fullest effort and attention into understanding everything, so everyone’s going to really and truly get smarter. But just imagine the possibilities,” he said almost shouting with exuberance, “The second semester of Euclid in Latin for everyone. Thomas Aquinas, only in the original Latin, Boethius in Latin, even stuff that wasn’t originally written in Latin, will be… in Latin!”

Several thousand new words will have to be invented for usage by students and faculty at the school under this new initiative, which will also see professors having to scramble and translate dozens of books, readings, and materials into Latin over the next few months.

No one need worry about their Latin skills, Magister assuages, “We get it, freshmen don’t know anything. And they “get” Latin least of all, and we know that. But for everyone else, while it’s not exactly going to be a piece of cake, it’ll be completely possible and the results, I promise, will astound you.”

Officals of the school’s Student Life Office will not comment officially on reports that all conversations and interactions between students outsides of classes will also have to be conducted in Latin, although rumors stand strongly to that effect amongst the students.

It is expected according to top research scientists at IIT that many students will begin dreaming in Latin within the first week of the new plan while many students are also projected to begin to lose their English proficiency within a month or two of Latin-only studies.