Wyoming Catholic College has just received a warning from Google that they’re reaching the limit of their organization’s current 10 TB cloud storage plan on Google Drive. With that in mind, and an obvious need for everyone at WCC to slim down on their usage of precious Google Drive capacity, IIT has decided to publish our list of what is using up the most space on WCC’s cloud storage.

If any of these things belong to you and you have them, stored in Google Drive through a WCC account, consider backing them up to a hard drive instead, or better yet, follow the technology policy and transcribe them to paper. Why are you using Google Drive, anyway? Who are you, a modernist?

Dr. Mortensen Catechism Videos3,432GB
Dr. Grove’s Pictures of Rocks1211GB
Livestream from the 2020 Winter Trip Leader Meeting4GB
Admissions Headshots of Applicants194GB
The Arberry’s New York Times Subscription11GB
The Critically Acclaimed After Dinner Scholar Podcast122GB
Random pictures of Andrew Russell23GB
The Student Life datalog of all key card usage133GB
The Ultimate Folder of Resources158GB
Cabinet Meeting Agendas0.0001GB
Student Dating Spreadsheets1GB
COR Promotional Videos744GB
Unread Emails in Kolya’s inbox355GB
Other Emails175GB
Video shots from the unreleased Abe/Quinn 4-part lecture series38GB
Reading Packets101GB
Master Syllabi432GB
Professor Hodkinson’s collection of classical music121GB
Work Study timesheets (actually no, they’re all on paper)0GB