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Well, they’re finally trickling in. Wyoming Catholic College’s largest class ever, the class with its furthest international students yet, the class with the greatest proportion of siblings of former students ever recorded, the class predicted to introduce mopeds and SUVs as common means of transportation around Lander: the Class of 2024. Bringing the school to a record setting enrollment of more than 190 bodies and more than 60 strong themselves, the Class of 2024 is already starting to make its mark on WCC.

Even before they got here officially, the absolutely massive size of the Class of 2024 forced changes and switches to be made in WCC’s housing to find space to accommodate everyone. Further, they’ll be the first class in eight years or more not to have known WCC super star Pako. And like the Class of 2023 that has preceded them, but even more “unbalancedly”, the Class of 2024 has many more women than men, something that has forced radical changes in plans for the twenty-one day freshman expedition, including much larger groups for most than is typical and, unprecedentedly, sending a mens’ group into the Wind River mountains and a women’s group into the Tetons in order to comply with permit requirements.

Our staff members are still getting to know the freshmen of the incoming class, and not all of the class has arrived, with several still on their way, but we’re quite impressed already, not only with their authenticity and openness to talking with members of our team, but with the deep knowledge many of them have about the still ever-unraveling WCC Conspiracy.

They offer hope. We hope. We think. We’re at least pretty sure, that they, unlike most members of the Class of 2023, aren’t only siblings of Ruth in disguise. This class isn’t part of the conspiracy. With those who value freedom, they’re free to help the world unravel what’s really going on. 

And since there are so many of them, we’re pretty confident that it all will be solved and the truth revealed.

Here’s to a successful start for the Class of 2024, for a successful backpacking trip filled with outstanding experiential learning right in the sweetest spot of the challenge zone and to an amazing year with our new “cute lil freshmen”.

More information about the Class of 2024 is to come. This guide is only a prelude, an introduction, a prologue, and a whole lot of nothing all rolled up into one ball of sophistry… Like just about everything here. Fortunately or unfortunately, you get to decide!

If you’re a WCC student, IIT Intelligence can get you set up to meet with and learn more about each of them. Contact us at to get the information you need.