By Guest Contributor – The Class of 2023 really upended a previously near exact balance between men and women at Wyoming Catholic College. With thirty-one women to only twenty three men, the class arrival not only launched conspiracy theories that an entire WCCLE of students was missing but led to serious structural difficulties in WCC’s dating culture with a loss of biunique correspondence between men and women.

The school’s “looking to remedy this” but even as slight changes to the make-up of the Class of the 2023 have remedied the ratio slightly for them, elsewhere at the school it has only gotten worse, with the Class of 2022 moving from a slight edge to men, to perfectly balanced, to now heavily leaning towards women as well. The graduation of the Class of 2020, which had been near perfectly balanced was bad as well, with the school’s future hopes for a balanced and equitable community hanging on edge” according to Student Life Director Kathleen Milligan “A balance between men and women is not only something we’re proud to show off to incoming freshmen, it’s who we are, it’s how we stay in business, how we plan for the future. All thats extremely at risk if we lose our balance.”

But it’s not looking hopeful according to current enrollment numbers fot the Class of 2024, “the last hope we have for a year to at least not get thrown further off balance between men and women” according to IIT research analyst James Green, who reports that the school has twenty-seven committed women and only twenty-one committed men. 

While there is still nearly a month left for more to commit to attend the school, “the trend is still worsening” according to Green’s latest analysis and our final prediction show a freshman class of 2024 of thirty women and twenty-two men which would lead to disastrous consequences for the community as a whole.

So unless you know a whole bunch of men you can get signed up quick so that we’ll have something more like balance here at WCC, we need to start preparing as a school now. We need immediate marketing adjustments to fix our long term demographic trends but we also need immediate action to loosen dating policies and thereby allow creative solutions to demographic imbalances to begin to flourish here for our long term future to have any hope of living peacefully.

And we may eve need to consider, in limited numbers, the unthinkable, inviting Thomas Aquinas College men to our Speed Dating events. Not with any intention of helping them over us, of course, but for the survival of our people, qua WCC students, we need to boost the number of men associated with the school.

It’s unlikely that we’ll see any benefit this year. Hope is long term. But we need to start prepping for that hope today!