Wyoming – Thomas Urgo may have left the Wyoming Catholic College Class of 2022 but he’s only doing so, a recent exclusive interview with him determined, “in order to expand his horizons even further”. According to a close friend of the legendary juggler, he’ll be “launching a political action committee to instill the economics he’s learned and developed through his intriguing life into the world writ large”

Urgonomics as Thomas’ economics are already known, are simple. Simply become the entertainers of the world, don’t worry about anything, and you’ll be fine. It worked for Thomas for six months in Europe, “worked incredibly well” he has said. “It can work well for you too,” says spokesman Thomas Urgo for the organization. “Just don’t worry about anything and run the whole world that way and everything will be fine.”

It’s hard to classify Urgonomics politically, but it falls with whatever political music likes good music, good companionship, and fun on the porch” according to another spokesman for Urgo’s organization.

Both Republicans and Democrats are “somewhat interested in the core tenets of Urgonomics” according to interviews and investigation conducted by IIT reporters. However, each party, if it were to implement Urgonomics, would likely make “some changes to its principles to particularize it to their political thought.”

Urgonomics4America, Urgo’s political action committee, is a registered subsidiary of the band Thomas and Pako run, the Wildabrats, and is partially owned by Pennsylvania based Catholic boarding school St. Gregory’s Academy.