Baldwin Building 2018.png

Lander, WY – In a slight modification to policies that have long forbidden the practice known as “roof-hopping” Wyoming Catholic College has announced that some of its classes will be held on the roof of school buildings in order to “maximize spacing between students amid concerns over the coronavirus outbreak.” 

“While having classes outside, as sophomores in rhetoric argue is always optimal, and especially so in the midst of current concerns, we didn’t have enough outdoor space downtown to consistently hold all classes outside,” says school dean Professor Cleanit. “Until now that is when we suddenly realized how much roof space out buildings have. We can fit hundreds or people on the tops of Baldwin, Frassati, Augur, St. Joseph’s , hey even maybe the buildings next to ours and have plenty of space to space out students.”

Climbing onto the roof is already easy but ladders will simply be bolted temporarily in place to make it easier for those not used to a more adventurous lifestyle already to access the “great rooftops.”

“Quiet, flat, absolutely massive, and yet outside,” says Dr. Anthony Jones, a professor of politics, government, and sacramental theology for the school. “Why didn’t we think of it before?”

Roof-hopping is still banned for non-academic purposes, although an unnamed school official mentioned that lobbyists hired from the Class of 2020 as a “class gift” have been working to change that for the last few months since the class graduated.