I’m not saying it’s necessarily the case, but a few bits of knowledge that have recently come to the attention of IIT analysts seem to point to a worrying conclusion: WCC favors women. Maybe it’s chivalry, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. But as with any and all rumors, it bears being looked into, especially with a extremely unbalanced freshmen class this year with nearly 50% more women than men accepted

WCC’s long been seen as diverse, fair, and balanced from its inception up until as recently as this spring. But since, as many men at the school complain, it seems they’ve gone too far and were headed in that direction for a while. “Why is it,” asks one anonymous junior, “that women always win two out of the three Founder’s Scholarships.” This has been the case for at least the past five years, with two out of two scholarships awarded to women in recorded history before there were three scholarships offered.

Or for another example, as a sophomore complains, “nearly all supervisorial positions at the school, and especially in the kitchen are held by women. Are they saying that men can’t cook? Are they really saying that?” Administrative work study positions assisting professors and in the school offices also go to women at a nearly 40% higher rate over men. “They either get all their tuition paid for or get all the best jobs” says the same sophomore. “I get it, chivalry and all that, but can’t men get a chance?” 

Academically it’s also reported that women consistently get higher grades than men and are more likely to win the St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Albert the Great awards for the highest academic performances. Unfortunately, we can’t verify this information from our sources, with grades hidden and redacted in the documents we have been able to access, but the point holds anecdotally and partially statistically from surveys IIT intelligence services have conducted of WCC students.

Furthermore, women also have much more time to study men, due to their dorms being located, on average, a minute’s walk closer than the corresponding men’s dorms in each general housing location. “Add it up and then one minute each way quickly turns into fifteen minutes a week, six hours a year, or a full twenty four hours over one’s time here” according to calculations of a high-ranking staff member here at Irkutsk Ice Truckers. That’s a full extra day of studying, a full day that men simply lose because their dorms are harder to get into.

Add in the much higher work-study or working in general rates among men versus women and you find that women, in the WCC community, consistently have far more time to study, to focus, and to perform.

Is this all bad? Maybe not. Again, maybe we can call it chivalry and in that case it’s simply the way things ought to be. But even if that’s the case, I think it still needs to be admitted that WCC favors women.

Do I want things to be fairer? Yes. Do they need to be? Well, with all these examples that I gave you being only the tip of the iceberg as I haven’t even mentioned the different distances travelled on COR, greater food to calorie requirement ration, and far, far more there’s going to be trouble if we don’t at least admit, as a school community that we’ve let this happen, that we’ve let men fall behind.

Don’t worry too much, justice is coming soon. For the first time in recent history, a man now heads the Student Life Office. There’s hope. If we band together to bring it.