Practice runs for the newly mandated form of WCC classroom communication that starts next week

Lander, WY – Equivovation is obviously a big problem in any attempt at communication as Janelle Witzaney famously said, “Equivocation is destroying world peace.” But finally Lander, Wyoming-based Wyoming Catholic College has found a solution. 

“Cut the talking,” says the school’s dean, Professor Kyle Cleanut. “Talking introduces all sorts of problems of its own for conversation management, slowly kills you by wasting away your lungs, and is really, really prone to equivocation. So at WCC we’ve just decided to cut it out completely starting next week.”

Instead of talking in class, students will be required to communicate solely in interpretive dance, which according to Cleanut is “equivocation free, noise-pollution free, and easier for people who find it hard to talk in class.”

WCC will be holding several practicums over the next week for students to prepare for the switch in communication methods. At present students will still be allowed to communicate with regular vocal speech outside of the classroom, but if “students really get excited about it, and I think they will,” Cleanut added, “we might just mandate it for everyone at WCC all the time. Imagine how nice it would be to study in a completely quiet campus with everyone dancing beautifully all day long. Good exercise opportunities too.”