Okay, it’s April Fool’s Day. But rather than presenting you with news that’s, well, like everything we do here, “Proudly American, Proudly Fake News, and to quote CoronaJoe, ‘you know the thing’, we’re going to do something different.

Here’s the news we made up, that we thought were so absurd that they’d be funny, and then: actually factually happened. Here’s where we fooled ourselves.

Proposal to Make Crux into A Saloon

I guess it’s not properly speaking a saloon, but “Crux After Hours” became a thing this year after we predicted that Crux Coffee would soon start selling alcohol. What actually is a saloon versus a bar, anyway? I’m not really sure.

Not two days after we published this, all video games were effectively banned from school computers after prefects announced they would start enforcing a long-standing but ill-enforced ban on them.

For many, its farther away than Nebraska, but it happened, nevertheless that things got moved somewhere.

Okay, it was for different reasons, but schedules did change for some classes with this new “Online Catholic College” environment we’re in. However, you do have to admit, that sometimes the classes are at odd times for you know if you’re in a different time zone somewhere away from Lander.

This one was a little weird and I don’t think anyone got it, and it’s also come true, sadly, in a surprising way, but look around you and you’ll see that the peoplephobia or “fear of people” is everywhere now in public.

We’re still waiting for this one to come true, however…

Ready for a RAD 2020 COR?

Thanks for reading IIT, even in this time of, well, “you know the thing”.

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