Lander, WY – Wyoming Catholic College’s Frassati Hall seems to have been robbed today with the sudden disappearance of nearly all of its furniture according to sources within the school community. “This morning it’s all here this afternoon it’s empty” one student reported about the situation. Frassati was once home to dozens of couches, chairs, tables, games, a TV and more as the school’s student lounge is now stripped almost entirely bare according to his account.

Two trailers and a bunch of men showed up, tore the doors nearly entirely off the building and then just started “ripping everything out of the building” he added.

He attempted to stop them but everything just happened too fast, with the building emptied in minutes. “And then they were all gone,” he explained. Local police and WCC Security officials are reportedly  investigating, but strangely seem disinclined to do anything according to IIT analysts with close connection to each organization.

One rumor passing around the school community suggests that the furniture wasn’t actually stolen but was only “moved” to a new location by workers hired by the school. “But that’s crazy,” IIT analyst Sophia Donaldson said. “Why would the school do such a thing? And where could they ever find another place to put all that furniture, pool tables, foosball tables, games and the like? And then wouldn’t we all know about that if there was such a building?”

One other analyst, junior James Green suggests a possible connection with last week’s crazy rumors about a project codenamed “F4”. However as there still really isn’t anything conclusive to say beyond the fact that the furniture is gone, the simplest conclusion is just that it was stolen.