Lander, WY – Wyoming Catholic College in a surprise announcement today released plans to launch a radio station broadcasting from Lander, Wyoming. Planning to feature a broad range of programming with much of a lineup already established, the station to be known as Wyoming Catholic Radio will broadcast on 101.3 FM from a little used tower just north of the Lander airport.

“Ever since WCC started our podcast, The After Dinner Scholar, we’ve always wanted a radio station of our own to broadcast it on,” says school executive vice president Saul H. Ciwoknot. “And we’re now excited to say that starting November 1, we will have one.”

Besides the school’s long running and famous podcast hosted by Dr. Tonkowich, there will be “a lot from popular bands run by students on the station” according to Ciwoknot. Soul Butter, the Wildabrats and Two Souls and a Heel will all feature for musical entertainment several hours a day along with a mix of popular music in a two-hour Car Ride with Big-Daddy Joe segment DJed by Joe Nemec. Similarly Chris Carter will host an evening show of Irish music entitled Carterian Community Life.

Not all of Wyoming Catholic Radio will be music or the college’s podcast (played three times a day). Max Terlisner and James Green will host a daily political talk show (title to be determined), Andrew Russell a comedy show, while The Bear Fence Boys reportedly will make their show’s radio debut through Wyoming Catholic Radio. Jacob Zepp will host a liturgy show with Dr. Holes and Dr. Dziad already planned as frequent guests. Ruth Kress will host a health question and answer show while William and Dr. Olsson are seriously considering “Q&A call in hours about geometry and mathematics.”

Some of the most hotly anticipated programming, however, will be random “a day in the life”, “random conversations in the office” or “listen in on a random class section” rotating special shows that will follow a randomly selected student, professor, or class section around for a day  with hidden microphones and cameras in order to get a “honest and accurate take.

Every hour on the hour, news from around WCC and around Lander will be broadcast by Everett Polinski and Sophia Donaldson while other students are still planning future offerings to be offered. 

Advertisements on the station will all be for school owned businesses (of which there are many) with voiceovers to be provided by Andrew Russell and Jacob Zepp.

“Wyoming Catholic Radio will be a radio station by the community as a whole, for the community as a whole, and for the good of the community as a whole” adds Saul Ciwoknot.”We can’t wait to broadcast to everyone interested in WCC in any way, local Landerites wondering who we are, or anyone who just happens to tune to 101.3 FM. We can’t wait for you to tap into. Listen from November 1st on the radio, online at, or by visiting our studio in WCC’s new St. John Bosco Building and Foosball Field anytime the door is open.