Wyoming Catholic College is temporarily becoming Lousiana Catholic College for the next few weeks according to school dean Professor Cleanit. “Nearly all the seniors are there already,” he told IIT this morning. “So we decided to make it official”

WCC unveiled a new “temporary” logo today in response to the change, which will see all available professors heading to Louisiana to supervise students taking finals there, something that will now allow a few people to actually take their finals in person according to Cleanit. “Since all the senior class is in Louisiana, we’ll also be able to be there and have a thesis draft burning party that’s not in the freezing cold for the first time ever.”

School officials will also set up temporary administrative headquarters in the Fontenot’s home until Christmas. Arizona, given that a number of juniors were headed together there, was also under consideration for the school’s temporary headquarters, but “there are so few juniors in general it’s not worth it for us to do anything for them. They’re far past saving,” Cleanit added.

The temporary “Louisiana Catholic College” logo and Louisiana based headquarters are expected to help the school’s admissions office in attracting students from across the South, some of whom, the school hopes, will “believe we’re actually going to be in Louisiana permamently.”