Lander, WY – The hammer may be coming down for lawbreakers of all stripes at Wyoming Catholic College after a major announcement today by the school administration.

“Even faculty and staff sometimes need to be held accountable,” announced WCC’s president Dr. Lenn Sherberry, “So that’s why we’ve chosen a prefect over the staff and faculty of Wyoming Catholic College, Dr. Bent Benoski, to enforce order, professionalism, and, ultimately charity. Because, of course, as we all know charity can be forced if you try hard enough.”

The idea of staff and faculty being ruled over by a prefect is a new concept for WCC, which has in the past only chosen and placed prefects from the student body and put them over the students, trusting that staff and faculty “would know how to behave themselves” as the school’s official historian Fredrick Josephson told IIT.

“But now times have changed,” warned a professor who spoke on the condition of anonymity to an IIT investigative journalist. “Have you seen how the professors dress now? Have you seen how staff members sit in on classes or go to the chapel in coveralls and jeans soaked in engine oil? Evidently even we need to be held accountable.”

Dr. Benoski has not yet publically declared whether he will be a “law and order stickler enforcer” or more of a “community-oriented sanctuary prefect”, the two general philosophies of enforcement prevalent at WCC.

Benoski’s job is expected to be somewhat easier under the one aspect of PDA enforcement, as most of the faculty and staff are married, unlike the case amidst the students.