A Wyoming Catholic College sophomore has reportedly launched an online GoFundMe page to pay off her daily dress code, late to curfew, and other fines. Begun two months ago, the unnamed sophomore reportedly raises around $15 a day, primarily from other students, enough to pay off her fines, which average around $70 a week while buying several packs of cigarettes with the surplus

WCC Security and law-enforcement personnel are currently investigating this report and attempting to find the sophomore. According to one prefect who currently heads the investigation, “I won’t beat a dead horse here, but we will find and fine this perpetrator to finally hold them accountable for their actions. Why anyone would waste their hard-earned money helping them get out of punishment is beyond me.”

WCC administration is attempting to have GoFundMe shut down the fundraiser, but the sophomore, through a proxy, reports that she will simply move to another platform if this happens. “Breaking rules is profitable for me, so why should I stop. Nobody really cares, and I get to smoke off the proceeds. Law-breaking = Leisure!”