For two weeks now the theft of the St. John’s Chinese Dragons has taken Wyoming Catholic College by storm. Angry members of St. John’s have been investigating and demanding justice, but in its being a crime of unprecedented planning, secrecy, and organization, few clues have as yet been discerned. Accusations fly like sparrows in the wind as the dorm members attempt to retrieve their “cult objects”, which even John’s mortal enemies deny to have taken.

Chinese Dragons

And that is the most incredible part of this case, the music balls or “chinese dragons”  have disappeared completely with no, zero, clues at all as to their disappearance. This of course didn’t stop the St. John’s posse from their search for justice, or was it self interest, but as of March 17th they are still missing and things are getting desperate for the John’s members without their cult objects.

Unless they are found soon, interdorm relations, already strained, could further devolve into war, with rumors that this has already happened by means of attempts on the Athanasian John Wayne’s life as well as tie-wrap attacks on the same dorm

Please help find them, the reward is eternal glory and honor in the memory of John’s.