May 6, 2019-Lander, Wyoming.
It happened late last night, as the Sunday crew was making preparations to evict the last stragglers from Frassati Cafeteria. Nobody saw it coming; nobody thought it was even possible. Witnesses described the scene as, “The most moving show of determination we have ever seen.” In that moment, sophomore William P. Russelle entered the cafeteria, laden with all the dishes he had departed with half an hour before, not excluding his cup. His appearance was haggard, his face pale as he labored to breathe after the long journey. However, that did nothing to cool the fire in his eye or the blunt the steely resolve in his heart. He saw his goal directly ahead of him and made for it with the last of his failing strength. Silence reigned in the cafeteria as he took the last few steps and placed everything into the proper bus tubs. As the silence transformed to standing ovation, Mr. Russelle collapsed to the floor, exhausted but triumphant.

In an interview, Mr. Russelle admitted that he didn’t know whether he could do it, but, “Sometimes you just gotta try to do the right thing, dog.” His success has strengthened his resolve and he is planning another trip, “Maybe Thursday, depending on how much studying I get done between now and then.” This time, his mission is greater. “I’ve realized that I could probably carry a little more next time… Maybe a couple’a cups or a bowl or something, ya know?” We at IIT certainly wish him the best in this endeavor.