After months of mixed opinions on WCC’s plan to introduce a new position this year, the “Mean Guy”, reports say they’ve chosen him, err her. We don’t have a name yet, but this face was leaked to us as one of the two people chosen for this work-study position our commentators can describe only as “weird…and maybe dangerous.” Its an unidentified woman who bears some resemblance to current students,

Maybe it’s an incoming Freshmen, but that would seem to be an odd choice given the heavy requirements of the job, which aims to replace many unofficial functions of prefects.

Job Title

Whoever she is, however, that at least one of the enforcers will be one has surprised many. After there was initial public feeling that no one would want the position, several people seemed likely candidates. Blaise for example, seemed to have the position sewn up in June when he heard of the job’s danger: “There’s a chance of dying? I’m in!”

Several of our IIT staff metalheads seemed like good candidates as well with some of us reportedly marking it down as a preferred option. We know that at least one of the IIT staff who did so has since switched his preference to the same job he did last year, “enjoying that he can still wield power, and maybe even more power this year, over everyone” as he reported to us.

Thus today’s leak, assuming the veracity of its sources, whom both CNN and Breitbart have fact-and-rumor-checked to a 99% past accuracy, was a bombshell. Sophia Donaldson, a staff contributor here on IIT and current Junior wonders “whether the school was even serious about this job?” when she heard about this leaked image.

An anonymous Senior says he’s “excited about this great choice”, however, but we think it’s only because people are hoping school policy enforcement is reduced with this position. That’s of course not the goal of creating this separate position, but it does bring up that the school needs to carefully consider and ensure the job of enforcement actually gets done.

“And it begins with you”, says another Senior, who continues arguing that “just because its someone’s job to do something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your part.”

We’ll know for sure who the two new “Mean Guy”s will be come August, when all positions are officially announced. More leaks may be forthcoming in the meantime, however. Stay Tunes(d)