Yes, he did at one point call himself “the Russian”. Yes, he did troll work like that so clichely associated with Russians. And yes, he did attend school and live in close proximity with a known Russian agent, Joe Phoe. But Mik is not a Russian agent. Even though all the news may be telling you he is, the FBI may say the same, and you might even think it yourself – don’t just don’t. He’s innocent and while the investigation has turned up lots of “evidence” that he’s treacherous, a spy, or worse, it’s even more basic and simple to conclude that Mik was, is not, and never will be such a thing.

Mikolaj Z. Zagorski or “Mik”

The rumors that he was such began after his adventures, or as some may call them, misadventures in Wyoming Catholic College’s COR Freshmen Expedition where he is now said by numerous intelligence sources to have purposefully and repeatedly gotten his group lost under direct orders from the Kremlin.

Initially, Mik was acclaimed as a hero by his fellow “WCCLEmates”, the members of the “Lost Boys”. He, they said, “was even lost and feared dead for hours in the midst of scouting out their position in a particularly treacherous part of the terrain”. All of them agreed that it was he and Anselm, nearly alone, who saved the rest of the group from death as did horrifically befall Henry, William, and John Paul. The official investigation into the matter by the FBI said as much, not finding blame to have rested with any of the members of WCCLE 5, but with foreign terrorists and members of a radical cult known only by its acronym of N.O.L.S.

Several months later, anonymous rumors began to question Mik’s actions during the expedition, however, saying he was ultimately to blame for the eight’s fearful days of terror in the Teton Wilderness. “The Golden Lake incident: He was leading that day,” reported one. “He was leading the group when they got lost in the ‘Field of Small Trees’ was another a report. And, most damaging, he was also leading the group that day “when they really lost themselves,” leaked a third person to news agencies including IIT News.

Dr. Zimmer, head of the Outdoor Leadership Program at Wyoming Catholic College, called for the investigation into the incident of the Lost Boys to be reopened under further pressure for justice from the families of John Paul and William.

Months of investigation ensued by as many as fifteen federal agencies, and here we are, with their final report seeming to condemn Mik as “an ultimate villain” behind everything that went on. He went missing and was feared dead you say? No, he was meeting with the “Russian white nationalist terrorists”. And wasn’t it convenient, that by being “missing” from the rest of the group, he missed the attack which wounded Anselm and killed John Paul. Wasn’t it on the trail Mik had scouted that William lost the grip of Anselm and went plunging to his death?

Further, a backstory was “discovered” of Mik as a long-time almost so confident as to be public about it, Russian agent, with the ensuing logical causation by correlation “proving his guilt” according to Peter Strzok, an FBI agent working on the case as the official report on the case says Mik “colluded with foreign individuals of Spanish, Coptic, and Russian descent to bring terror to the Tetons and cover up their prior interference with the free and fair activities of Wyoming Catholic College.”

And public opinion seems to be following the investigative outcomes as angry protestors gathered in May around Mik’s dorm room.  “He even called himself the Russian!” one screamed about the identity Mik used once on his Hangouts account. “Why didn’t the school do something to stop it.” When Mik later was reported to have walked by the room of a Sophomore of Russian descent, things got even more heated, and his room was placed under police protection as shouts of “his name even sounds Russian” and the like keep him up even now far into the night.

But like I said in the beginning, Mik is none of this. The true hero of WCCLE 5 even as he may have accidentally contributed to them getting lost a few times, Mik by cultural descent is about the most unlikely person of any to want to associate with Russians. He’s a Pole, Polish, or specifically as he later asked to be called, “the North Pole”. And again, as proven by the sworn testimony of the five other surviving members, when Mik went missing in the middle of the terror of the group as a whole he was really in peril, and returned collapsed, exhausted, and severely injured, but ready to strive onward to save the rest.

In fact its Anselm, not Mik who seems to be blamed for the death of William by his ghost, as interviews with Anselm, Mik, and Joe report, but the original proclamation of Anselm and Mik as the particular heroes remains truly undefiled.

Joe Pho, the sophomore who Mik was reportedly in communication with, that is, talked to once, lives right next door to Mik, and leaves his door open in hopes of talking to people. However, sworn statements from the prefects of their dorm say they never communicated anything beyond common pleasantries so again scratch that argument for proof of guilt on Mik’s part.

So, why, if you’re still reading my drivel, is there all this talk of Mik’s guilt. Obviously, it’s a diversionary tactic, but the true villain is far deeper than the agents who were said to have associated with Mik in the plot. Every WCC student knows him, though they’ve never grasped the truth.

Its the boy from Lingua Latina. And no, I’m not talking about Marcus. It’s Sextus. Though he seems like the ultimate good child, good student, good character, etc… he’s really not even a Roman, but for two millennia has been head of the secret Spartan plans to take over the world. 

Yes, he is now approaching two-thousand years of age, but he’s still going strong, as evidenced by his ability to turn the media, intelligence agencies, and public consciousness against Mik as part of his larger plot to discredit the few remaining threats to the long-ranging goals of his city for conquest.

At WCC, he succeeded in getting Cyril and Destiny forced out when they “knew too much” and this, his latest plot, evidenced as it is by his trademark complexity seems to be working. Under the pressure from the investigation and damage to his reputation, Mik announced he was leaving the school.

But now that you know the truth, it’s not too late. Tell your family and friends the truth about the Spartan conspiracy, Mik’s innocence, and Sextus’ plot

But you must act now: before the #SextusBodyCount begins after its next victim…

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