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Echoing the demonstrations now taking place in Hong Kong against Chinese tyranny, the surviving members of WCCLE 5, the famed “Lost Boys” took to the streets today to fight for “full reparations with interest” for their missing the “Welcome-Back Breakfast ” from COR one year ago. Today, the incoming Freshmen receive the famed buffet the moment they step back in Lander while all other classes are banned, but WCCLE 5’s protest aims to get them allowed in today. “Its only just,” says their Incident Commander, who wishes to remain unnamed, “and there’s only five of us left, so it wouldn’t hurt, would it?”

Standing outside Frassati Hall, the dinging hall and one of two buildings from which, today, all sophomores and upperclassmen are banned, the five remaining members and their leaders, Bob, Joel, and Miguel formed a twenty-eight foot human chain blocking the entrance to Frassati. As of now they are still there, and WCC security forces are reported to be on the way, but they may be sympathetic to the cause, several of our sources add.

Concurrently with the WCCLE 5 protest, Anne Zelden has launched a “fight for your right to party” march down Main St.