Lander, WY – Wyoming Catholic College Horsemanship instructor Kent Clement reportedly time travelled (using some secretive time travel technology perfected by Dr. Olsson) to the time of the Trojan War this week in an attempt to teach virtues to Achilles. According to IIT sources who have been in close communication with Mr. Clement across time over his attempt to instill virtue to the fearsome Greek warrior this week, Achilles is “learning fortitude pretty well in certain circumstances, but doesn’t really seem to understand the virtue as a whole, or really any other virtues for that matter.”

Mr. Clement has tried several times to stop Achilles from “performing violent and gruesome acts” long enough to teach him temperance, but the Greek warrior seems to be “pretty addicted to what he’s doing.”

“He’d probably fail Horsemanship just from the part about discussing virtues alone,” Clement added according to one of our sources in contact with him. “He’s a pretty good horseman, but that won’t be enough to help him.”

Mr. Clement has also been trying concurrently to teach virtues to Hektor, who reportedly is “a far better student than Achilles. You know Hector really gets a bad rap in the history books, he added. “I might even see about bringing him back with me when I come back to the present… your present,” he added.