Back in November of 2018 this happened in St. Leo’s dormitory, a horrible smell arrived, a mystery to behold. Yet what was it, and how was it to be resolved?
Original Notice from Prefect/Judge King

Judge King
Kind friends and companions, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the last few days a great stench has been growing in our dorm, but many of us already have, and it’s not very pleasant. So please, if you know what the source of this stench is or how to neutralize it, for the sake of our whole community, step in and do something about it, or let me know so I can do something.
We neither need nor ought to tolerate this kind of living condition. It will not help our educational pursuits, nor does it become men seeking virtue and excellence, such as ourselves.
Let’s stay committed to giving ourselves and each other an excellent living and learning environment. We are worthy of it.
That’s all. Have a good Sunday!

In fact, the smell is so ridiculously pervasive that I opened a bunch of your windows in an attempt to let it air out.

Response 1:

“I believe that the smell is primarily a result of sloppiness with foodstuffs in the laundry room, primarily the dumping of solid items into the sink. The plumbing really isn’t designed to handle ramen, which seems to simply get stuck and so moulders there. I personally haven’t noticed any sort of smell, but it is presumably food related, unless someone’s feet need rather significant TLC.”

It was ramen!

The Criminal Thing

But such an injustice as having ramen mouldering in sinks requires retribution, so evidence was examined, a man was blamed, and the hunt for justice began. 

But the perpetrator? Is aberat. He was at the hotel. So he had to be retrieved as the menas rose. So they stuffed a car of men and went for the raid, to bring the man back so justice might be served. They drove to the hotel, entered as silently as mice, up the stairs the same, knoced on the door where they thought he would be – but away he was – working his hair as a Spartan before battle. And so there was the battle, they found the room, knocked the door down, and marched him away, silent in face, somber in spirit.

Driving back with the man, a court of justice was convened, Nick presiding, judgement giving. The penalty, he would have to sing for Agnes.

Accepting his sentence, the man though he had been taken for another crime, but happy he was, he had an extra night in credit, and sing he did not do when for penalty he was so to pay.

Eventually he did, yet ramen still was sometimes found, and said it is that the ghost of William was ultimately to blame. Was the man blamed then innocent? Well, we may never know – nescio? Yet, whether what took place was just or not, glory came to Leo’s for that night. We/they, we took on the hotel, took a man, and held a trial, and did it all without laughing!


A LEO’s member who fondly remembers the experience (himself pushed into Andrew’s room so that his laughter would not be heard… (and some seriousness prevail!)